Terms and Conditions

Updated 11th April 2018

  1. Nominators must identify themselves and may be any fit and proper adult person
  2. Finalists will not be entered for an Award unless they have submitted the information required by the South African Chamber of Commerce (UK) Limited, details of which will be sent to them via email.
  3. All Nominees or Finalists wishing to attend the Awards evening are required to register for the event.
  4. Finalists are encouraged to attend the Awards evening to receive their Finalists Certificates, recognition and photo moment.
  5. One Finalist in each category will be a winner, so attendance of all Finalists is encouraged as will all meet with their Sponsor and encouraged to continue engagement through their winning year.
  6. If a category Finalist is unable to attend the Awards evening, they are encouraged to have someone of their choice to represent them and to accept the prize on his/her behalf. All photos and social media will note that person is representing the winner.
  7. Nominees, Finalists and Winners will be profiled on the SACC website and the 2018 Event microsite which will remain live
  8. By nominating, being nominated or self registering for the South African Business Awards, all parties understand that the information they provide may be used by the South African Chamber of Commerce (UK) Limited for marketing purposes at any time in the future.
  9. To be eligible, Nominees must either –
    1. currently reside and / or work in the United Kingdom
    2. be South African (by birth, by naturalization, by Residence status or significant residence term)
    3. have significant business interests, giving back or trade with South Africa
    4. operate within the UK South African Community
      In addition, please note, Nominees –
    5. do not have to be Members of the South African Chamber of Commerce to be eligible for an Award
    6. may be Directors or Committee Members of the Chamber
  1. Nominations close at midnight on 12th April 2018
  2. The judges will comprise:-
    1. Previous winners
    2. Sponsors
    3. Board Directors
    4. SACC Committee Members
    5. Independent third parties
    6. Independent observer

The decisions taken by the judges at the various stages will be final.

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